DIndex: Discovering the unindexed hidden internet.

DIndex, is the first major search engine that self indexes thousands of unique hidden services across the dark web. Our goal is to easily and efficiently allow anyone to explore the unindexed world of the darknet. Unlike other search engines, our system automatically scans the darknet to only index the sites that will provide the most accurate search results. With our machine learning, the more searches made on our platform the better results you’ll receive.

DIndex also provides a way for anyone to add Hidden Services to our search index. Our system will automatically crawl the website and determine which web pages are useful and interesting.

DIndex does not endorse or recommend any darknet hidden services of any kind; however, we do offer advertising slots. Advertising is a great way for DIndex to cover server expenses as well as provide users with additional services to view and explore. We use a CPD model, meaning you get unlimited views & clicks for the entire duration of your campaign. Please read the terms of service before placing an advert.

Report Illegal content found in our Search Index

Our darknet search index contains over 300,000 web pages across 75,000 hidden services and that number is growing every day. It would be impossible for us to manually review and approve every single website we’ve indexed. This is why we have automated systems to scan titles, descriptions, and keywords to blacklist any sites related to child abuse or animal abuse.

Our automated process is far from perfect, it’s very difficult to detect websites that are in different languages, use indirect wording and phrases, or use benign titles and descriptions to trick our web crawler.

We rely on the users of our search engine to help us identify and blacklist illegal content that our automated system couldn’t pick up on. If you find an offending web page please report it to us via: [email protected]